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Good to the Last Drop: How to Preserve Wine
Aug 09/16

Good to the Last Drop: How to Preserve Wine Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments


“Leftover wine.” Wait, isn’t that an oxymoron? Perhaps, but we’ve all at some point decided that finishing that bottle by ourselves may not be the best idea. So, what is the best way to preserve that leftover wine, both whites and reds? You may be surprised.

The most obvious one is to recork the bottle and put it in the fridge. Yes, even reds. You usually will get about three days this way. A couple of pointers: First, if you are reusing the original cork, put it back in upside down (“clean” side up), or use a charming and functional wine bottle stopper (psst click here to see our faves). And second, let the wine warm up on the counter for at least ten minutes before serving it.

Another option is to pour the leftover wine into a smaller container and seal it before refrigerating it. Mason jars work great for this. The more wine and less air, the better. As long as it’s sealed tightly, you can get up to a week this way.

The third option is one that is not meant to save the wine to drink later, but rather to cook with: freeze it. Take the remaining wine and pour it into an ice tray and voila! For weeks you’ll have instant flavoring to add to sauces, soups, even salad dressings.

How do you preserve your leftover wine? Let us know in the comments.


By Paula Martin
Paula Martin was born and raised in Arkansas and received her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of New Orleans. She is a writer, teacher, mom, barefoot trail runner, martial artist, and free-thinker always packed and ready for the next adventure. 



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