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Hit the Deck with Simple, Delicious Lake Drinks
Jan 26/17

Hit the Deck with Simple, Delicious Lake Drinks Posted by: Rod Ford | 0 Comments


In all honesty, the only kind of lake drink you need is beer. And maybe also beer. But sometimes it’s fun to venture into territory beyond the borders of PBR or rum and coke. But nobody likes to slave over a boat blender, so let’s keep it simple. We know you want high payoff with very little work. So, it’s time to float on with your bad selves and try these easy, classic cocktails with three ingredients or less.

Redneck Margaritas
1 can frozen limeade concentrate,
2 cans light beer like Coors
1 can white tequila

Redneck margaritas are simple and surprisingly delicious. Oh, and cheap. Stir everything into a pitcher — or a gallon-sized plastic bag if you wanna keep it really classy. Take that thought a step further and snip off one corner with scissors and dole this concoction into Solo cups like cake frosting. It’s already cold. It’s already alcoholic. It’s already your best friend.

Rum and coconut water
Light, high-quality rum
Coconut water
Twist of lime, optional

This drink might be somewhat divisive as some people can’t stand coconut. But for those who like it, put down the Malibu and give this mixture a try. Coconut water is rehydrating, so we like to think it cancels out the dehydrating qualities of the sun … and the rum.
Our favorite brand is Blue Monkey, as it’s sweeter than most, but stick to what you know.

John Daly
1 part sweet tea vodka
2 parts lemonade

As one blogger put it, the laid-back Arnold Palmer is known around the world, but the John Daly is full of booze and bad decisions. You might want the latter on your party boat.

Gin and Tonic
Beefeater gin
tonic water

Classic and beloved by all. Mix to taste with ice cubes. Substitute vodka for the gin haters in your crew.

Go the extra nautical mile: Wine Slushies
2.5 cups hulled strawberries
1 bottle dry Riesling
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
2.5 tablespoons sugar

If you’re willing to put some prep time into your trip, this Riesling strawberry slushie will please the ladies on your barge.
Set aside one cup of Riesling. Puree strawberries with the remaining wine, lime juice and sugar. Freeze it in ice cube trays. Just before serving, puree the cubes in a blender. Pour that into cups and bottom’s up.

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