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Jan 27/17

Hit the Right Note When You Say Thanks Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Thank you notes never go out of style. You may not like sending them, but you know how good it feels to receive them. And as a result, they’re not going anywhere. In fact, we’re pretty sure those puppies are single-handedly propping up the United  States Postal Service. Well, thank you notes and junk mail … and amazing products from Bourbon and Boots. Two of those things you’d actually like to have in your mailbox, we know.

Though the art of gift-giving hasn’t evolved all that much, the rules for thank you notes have shifted in recent years. Southern Living has some do’s and don’ts for making sure they’re as genuine and charming as can be.


Some things you should do:

— Make them handwritten

— Say it on stationery

— Make it personal

— Always send a note, even if it’s late.


Some of the don’ts:

— Don’t be too formal

— Don’t exaggerate

— Don’t refer to specific amounts of money.


As for something specific you might write in the card, we think you can’t go wrong with the lyrics to the “Golden Girls” theme song.



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