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Jun 10/13

How Does Wal-Mart Book Celebrity Speakers for Free? Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

Well, nobody really knows how Wal-Mart does it. According to Business Insider, last week Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Hudson and Tom Cruise all made appearances at the annual Bentonville, Arkansas-based shareholders meeting, and they did it for free.
But why?

Does the retailer really have so much sway over the entertainment industry that Tom Cruise would waive his six-figure demands and attend this meeting for free? Cruise apparently gave props to the retailer for being a “role model” during his speech, specifically praising its support of sustainability and women.

Jackman served as master of ceremonies, according to the story, and the meeting also saw performances by Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Celebrity attendees in the past have included Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and Will Smith.



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