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Jan 27/17

How’s Your Fried Green Tomatoes? Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Normally, we’re all about some fancy pants recipes, but this Fried Green Tomato recipe on Texas Monthly’s website looks overly complicated. Yeah, they got it from a chef in Austin who’s probably a super gourmet, but the recipe yields 50 servings, y’all. Fifty!

And it’s far to fiddly. First you’ve got to marinate the tomatoes for 20 minutes, and then dust them with spices and flour and cornmeal and … good grief.

No doubt it’s delicious, but who wants to go to all of that trouble in their own kitchen? That’s why we have chefs. And on top of that, we’re thinking the beauty of a great fried green tomato dish is its simplicity. And this has us wondering if you would cook this recipe?

How do you fry up your tomatoes? Now’s the time to share your glorious Southern secrets with the world.



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