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Jan 27/17

Little Rock Film Festival Parties: Boat and Bridge. Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

If you missed the Little Rock Film Festival, you missed the finest festival in this city. On top of all the great films and the influx of cool people, there are the exclusive parties. Never ones to skip out on a schmoozing opportunity — and complimentary booze — we rubbed elbows at Friday night’s party on Junction Bridge, where the apple pie moonshine flowed and Velvet Kente entertained. And on the closing Sunday night party aboard the Mark Twain with music by Adam Faucett. Did the DJ break out The Lonely Island’s “I’m On a Boat”? You bet your sweet ass he did.

The party really got going about the time the ship docked, but it continued on at Crush Wine Bar.

Greg Nabholz, Lily Keber, Ethan Moore and Courtney Pledger

Vincent Grashaw, Tim Basham, writer for Paste, and Brittany Hallmark

Jeremy and Hadley Lewno, Heather and Matthew Wolfe and Frederick Gentry

Sarah Stricklin, Phillip Rex Huddleston, Keith Hudson and Hannah Moulder

Gabe Gentry and Katie Childs

Josh Donoho and Blake Elder, director of Arkansas short film “Lasting the After.”

Cat French and Shane Bitney Crone, involved in the audience-favorite film “Bridegroom.”

Filmmaker Daniel Campbell and a tasty hot dog.

Clay Fitzpatrick slinging Stellas.

Mary Hurst and Jeremy Reagan

Film Fest Event Coordinator JP Langston

Sean and Katherine Beherec

Ricky Wilson, Bryan Wilson and Chris Hart

Ryan Hitt, Jack Lloyd and Clay Grubbs

Norman Williamson, Jamaal Lee and Ben Fluharty


Photos and story by Melissa Tucker and Stacey Bowers.



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