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Party In A Bottle: Wine Quotes to Live By
Jul 25/16

Party In A Bottle: Wine Quotes to Live By Posted by: Drew Ford | 0 Comments

 Moment of confession here: I am a wino. There I said it. There’s just nothing like a great glass of wine. Red, white, rose, I’m not picky. Bachelorette Monday, Wine-down Wednesday, I don’t really need an excuse. In my house there’s only one rule to wine drinking: every time you hear that cork pop you have to yell, “Party In A Bottle!!” Luckily, I’m not alone in my love of the grape. Here are some of the best quotes about wine and the legends who said them:


Leonardo da Vinci“The Discovery of a Good Wine is Increasingly Better for Mankind than the Discovery of a New Star”

We feel ya Leo, a glass of wine does a lot of good for us, so it only makes sense that it would do good for the world!

 Mark Twain “Too Much of Anything is Bad, But Too Much Wine is Just Right.”

This quote is the reason that we can justify having one too many on girls night. Too much wine just can’t be a bad thing right?

Benjamin Franklin “Wine is Constant Proof that God Loves Us and Wants Us To Be Happy”

We tell ourselves this every time we reach for a corkscrew. Besides, Ben was a pretty smart kind, he probably knew what he was talking about.

W.C. Fields  “I Cook With Wine; Sometimes I Even Add it to the Food.”

We feel like we need this somewhere in a kitchen, because, honestly it’s so us. We mean to save that dry white to sauté with, but somehow it always falls in our glass.

Drew Ford
Drew was born in Arkansas, but has been lucky to call several southern states home. She’s currently working on Masters in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi. She loves vinyl records, long road trips, and acquiring useless trivia.



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