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Southern Stories
Jun 11/13

Shake It ‘Til You Make It: Sonic Taste Test Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

As someone on the guinea-pig end of many taste tests in the name of, um, journalism — cheese dip, cheese fries, barbecue, hamburgers — I can completely relate to this poor guy given the mission to try all 25 summer milkshakes at a Sonic Drive-In. (Did you know Sonic originated in Oklahoma?)

Sure, it always sounds like a good idea when someone says, “Hey, let’s go taste all of the pulled pork sandwiches in this town and find the best one!” Everyone gets excited and then worn out and then so repulsed that they’re curling into the fetal position at the grocery store because they saw a bottle of KC Masterpiece.

So, I took particular pleasure in watching this lucky/unlucky editor as he goes from excited to indifferent to downright depressed while wading through all 25 flavors in Sonic’s milkshake line. And as you scroll,  know that this is how every taste-tester feels all the time. Probably even the ones who work for Nutella.

Well, ok, maybe not them.



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