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Southern Paranormal Activity-The Crying Woman
Jan 26/17

Southern Paranormal Activity-The Crying Woman Posted by: Hedi Hemenway | 0 Comments

Stranger Things: Louisiana

The Crying Woman
Grady Hill, Louisiana 

Dozens of stories, some hundreds of years old, tell of a woman who was betrayed by her husband or boyfriend when he killed her child. She is then cursed for eternity to wander as a ghost, her crying never ending. Sightings of a mysterious crying woman have happened all over the world, and one such place is in Louisiana, in an abandoned town between Many and Zwolle, where local legends tie her to tragedies that damned her to search, forever crying for her lost children. 

Some say that her boyfriend drowned her children in nearby Loring Lake. Others say that her children were murdered and tossed under one of the many bridges across the lake. Some have seen her figure in the distance, others have heard crying and strange noises. One thing’s for sure; they all say that a woman haunts this area, wandering through the woods, sobbing and screaming with grief. 

Grady Hill, Louisiana is located south of Shreveport, Louisiana near the Sabine National Forest. It is between Many and Zwolle, LA. If you are in a ghost hunting mood, head down to Grady Hill on a full moon. They say she is the most vocal then. 



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