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Jan 27/17

We Could All Use S’more Friday Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Modern-day technology allows us to create homemade ice cream with less effort than ever. No more hand-cranking on the front porch with rock salt, y’all. Just pour ingredients into a machine, push play and walk away.

But sometimes the reward is the effort.

Enter Homemade S’mores Ice Cream. It starts with homemade burnt-marshmallow ice cream custard. Then homemade s’mores. All the while you keep the delicious ingredients away from hungry hands while they’re prepped for the final product, and THEN it goes in the ice cream machine.

This is definitely a weekend project. Maybe by Sunday night you’ll have homemade s’mores ice cream for dinner. Maybe. No matter what you do, it’s fun to fantasize about a 12-step, ice cream-making process. And the author’s story is entertaining.

Mama. Just so you know. You have a chocolate mustache. And marshmallow on your butt.

Bella, please turn up the music and hand me my gin and tonic.

It’s day three of developing a s’mores ice cream recipe. I’m standing on the back porch table, camera dangling around my neck, listening to Prince, straddling a cutting board covered with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate shavings. I squat down and start talking to what looks like a burnt rug of mini marshmallows, trying to coax it off the greased parchment with come on baby, you can do it, come on, please. The sticky mass flies apart, a chunk of it swinging onto the lens of my camera, the rest sticking to my forearm.

That. Sounds like a pretty good time, y’all. No sarcasm meant.



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