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Jan 27/17

Gift Guide to Tennessee Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments


Damn, Tennessee. Would you stop with the talent? You’re making the rest of us look bad. You’ve damn near cornered the markets on barbecue and blues and booze, and it’s all the rest of us can do just to keep up.

As it turns out, you’ve got some gifted artists up your sleeve as well, and we’ve got two full pages of Tennessee products to prove it. But just in case you were wondering which ones we’re sorta partial to, here’s our gift guide to Tennessee, filled with handmade things crafted in or inspired by the Volunteer State.

"Rhett Butler" Handcrafted Red Gingham Cufflinks on

1. Red Gingham Cufflinks, $32.50
Frankly, we do give a damn. About these “Rhett Butler” Handcrafted Red Gingham Cufflinks handmade in Nashville. They’re handsome enough for church on Sunday, rugged enough for the weekly poker game, and casual enough for porching with some sweet tea. They always work.


How to Talk Like a Southern Gent Print on

2. Talk Like a Southern Gent Print, $39
Just in case you are not up on your manly Southernisms, we have a little cheat sheet disguised as art for your wall. Any time you need to remember how to speak like a Southern Gent, just glance over at this print, twirl the ends of your mustache, and say the first phrase that strikes your fancy. This print is made in Nashville and measures 18″ x 24″.



3. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch, $25
Those cheap tiki torches from the big box store near you barely make it through the summer. But these wine bottle tikis won’t wear out in the elements, and they’re made in Nashville by a company called “Great Bottles of Fire.” What’s not to love?


Mo's Handmade Solid Cotton Bow Ties by Mo's Bows for Bourbon & Boots

4. Mo’s Handmade Bow Ties, $40
Meet Moziah Bridges, “Mo,” an 11-year old mogul in the making and founder of Mo’s Bows Handmade Bow Ties. His granny showed him how to make bow ties from scrap material using hand sewing and a machine. He began to make them for himself in June of 2011, when he was just 9 years old. Mo totes his bow ties in an old suitcase with racks fashioned out of clothes hangers. He was recently a guest on the Steve Harvey show, and hopes to be a famous fashion designer one day.


State Quarter Rings on
5. State Quarter Rings, $29
Admit it, you still get a thrill from seeing one of those special quarters from your home state. Change is good, especially if you can wear it. And with these conversation-starting State Quarter Rings you can do just that.

Caramels on
6. Shotwell Gourmet Caramels, from $9.95
These gourmet candies were sitting around the Bourbon & Boots office one day, and they turned around a rough day right quick. Hand-made and old-school, grandpa would certainly approve of these caramels in four varieties: “old-fashioned,” salted, espresso, and beer and pretzel. It’s a cheap and easy way to say, “I think you’re sweet, old man.”


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