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Southern Stories
Aug 20/13

“Jolene” Like You’ve Never Heard it Before Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

Here at Bourbon and Boots, we can’t even hide our love for Dolly Parton.

She helped us through childhood.

She easily made our list of the best Southern singers in skirts.

Her likeness is on this coin purse. We even have a necklace bearing her name.

Probably one of D. Parton’s most iconic songs would have to be “Jolene.” And it’s been covered by the White Stripes, but a version of the song catching fire on the internet right now is by Ms. Parton herself. It’s the original slowed down 25 percent, and … it’s somewhat disconcerting. Dolly’s voice is a few octaves lower, and maybe more haunting. But we’ll let you decide.

Click here to hear the new version. 

On a related note, turns out if you speed up Bruce Springsteen, he sounds like Dolly Parton. Now THAT, my friends, is uncanny.



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