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Jan 27/17

Just a Few Tea-Brained Ideas Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Over the years, I’ve discovered how to make the perfect iced tea.

  1. Buy Luzianne.
  2. Does it matter what you do after that?

I’m only sort of kidding. Here’s how I make it: Boil water, add tea bag, steep until your current cup of gorgeous iced black tea is empty — sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes overnight — and enjoy. (If I had the patience for sun tea, though, I’d make it all of the time. It is far superior. Refrigerator tea is also excellent. I call it “cold brew-sion.”)

I always have a huge, portable container full of iced, unsweetened, steeped nectar of the gods, and my friends make fun of me for that. I don’t know when the addiction took hold. Maybe it was around the time I became a mother and coffee started taking way too long. (Having said that, if there’s a coffeeshop nearby, I’ve been known to combine my tea obsession with coffee, but I can’t say my bloodstream even notices.)

Why Luzianne? Well, it’s the tea of my childhood. It’s what I’ve always had. (And everyone knows Lipton is sub-par. Don’t even get me started on Celestial Seasonings. Nobody needs their tea to taste like berries and honey. Tea is inherently delightful. It doesn’t need you to dress it up. In fact, in my eyes, flavoring tea is like putting make-up on 4-year-old girl. She’s naturally beautiful.)

But tea is a strange animal. I look at it and think, “What’s so special? It’s just brown water.” And down in a deep corner of my heart, I wonder if maybe they’re all the same.

Case in point: On this list ranking the best bagged tea brands, Luzianne comes in 12th. Twelfth! But … but “it’s specially blended for iced tea”! It never gets cloudy!

Needless to say, I’m having something of a tea crisis today. So, help me iced tea experts of the South and the rest of the world. Should I leave my Luzianne love in search of something better? Are the tea leaves greener in other glasses? What do y’all drink?

Photos courtesy of The Hungry Southerner.



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