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Mantle Makeover: DIY Tacky Brass to Chic
Jun 01/16

Mantle Makeover: DIY Tacky Brass to Chic Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

How to turn your tacky custom-made mantel into the chic focal point of your living room without breaking your budget…

Steps for painting metal:
1. Clean the surface. Be sure to remove any debris or dust from the area you’ll be painting.

2. Scuff up the metal a bit with sand paper. This gives the primer and paint something to grab on to.

3. What’s important to remember when painting any metal is primer. You cannot skip this step. I used Sherwin Williams Multi-Purpose latex primer.

4. For paint, I used Sherwin Williams black enamel acrylic latex with satin finish. Pro tip: don’t freak out if you’re covering a white primer with a dark paint. It took five coats of paint on this project.

5. My friend Ty gave me the skull and antlers from a deer he shot long ago, which I adore. I was super excited to display them on the mantle along with a print done by amazing local artist Matt Owen.

6. Photographer, stylist and overall artist Judea Jackson helped me with the rest of the decorating. Sometimes we all need a little help to bring our vision to life.

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