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Jan 27/17

Paula Deen’s Deposition Debacle Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Any Paula Deen story that starts with “the butter has hit the pan” is all right by us. It really hit the pan a few days ago when Deen’s quote using the n-word went viral. It came out as part of the court deposition, along with a romanticized vision of slavery that hit a nerve with the internet. It was posted over and over again.

But over at NPR, they set aside their shock for a moment and read the entire transcript from the deposition. What they found was revealing and hilarious. It’s a a great article that everyone should read, with important informational nuggets like this one:

“Paula has meetings in the bathroom, just like President Lyndon B. Johnson!

 Q. And … where was that meeting?

A. It was probably in my bathroom. … My bathroom is off of my bedroom and there’s a sofa and two chairs, and it’s a bathroom/den combination.”


Seriously, y’all, this story is riveting, and — love or hate her — if you read it, especially if you read between the lines, you’ll learn more about Paula Deen than you ever thought possible.



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