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Southern Stories
Jul 29/13

Picture This: A Southern Summer Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

A Nashville photographer has compiled a series of photos capturing — and maybe epitomizing — summer in the South. It’s everything from a pageant-winning toddler in a pope-sized crown to drag race at sunset to a motorcycle outfitted with antlers. The one of the man lighting a cigarette with a torch, ummm yeah, we can’t say we’ve seen that one before. But most of the other scenes and characters feel fairly common.

The collection by photographer Tammy Mercure shows the many faces of the Southeast — some you’ll recognize and some you won’t — and it’s nothing if not compelling. “The series, titled “Cavaliers,” has been featured in The Daily Mail and NPR, and garnered Mercure the title of one of Oxford American’s 100 New Superstars of Southern Art in the Visual South,” according to a story on the Business Insider.



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