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Siri is a Southerner, Y’all
Aug 31/16

Siri is a Southerner, Y’all Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments


Breaking news: As it turns out, the helpful yet sometimes snarky faceless voice in your iPhone is a woman from Atlanta, Georgia.

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Her name is Susan Bennett and she’s not a native Southerner, but a Southerner by choice, and that counts in our book. She’s been doing voice work for years. Here she explains her lack of a distinguishable accent to CNN.

Bennett wasn’t always accent-free, though. She was born in Vermont and grew up all over New England. Her voice — dropped Rs and all — was “SNL”-skit ready. Can she imagine Siri as a New Englander? “Neva! Neva!” A stint in upstate New York helped her lose the accent. By the time she arrived in Atlanta in 1972, with her first husband, former NHL player Curt Bennett of the Atlanta Flames, she was ready to fight off the Southern twang. She fell in love with Atlanta and, after that marriage ended, stayed.

Though she’s enjoyed her anonymity, we’re kind of thrilled to finally put a face on this groundbreaking, mostly cooperative pocket accessory. Oh, and she’s not the universal Siri, just the American one.

Now all we need is to hear her say, “y’all” just one time. 



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