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Southernisms: Bless Your Heart
Jul 22/16

Southernisms: Bless Your Heart Posted by: Drew Ford | 0 Comments

bless your heart

Southernisms. If you’re from the South they roll off of your tongue like butter; if you’re not from around here, well you probably need a decoder, and a lot of explanations. Of all the southernisms, perhaps none is as famous, and at times as dreaded, as those three little words: “Bless Your Heart.”

While we’re uncertain where the term originated from, we feel confident that originally it was a sweet saying. Today though, those three words hold lots of meanings. It all depends who is saying it, how they’re saying it, who they’re saying it to. 

Southern women are masters of speaking whole paragraphs with just a few words. Ever had a really bad day? Bless Your Heart. Ever done anything really stupid? Bless Your Heart. Ever been furious with someone, but remember Momma said not to act ugly? Bless Their Heart. The term is perfect for every situation; it’s sugar and spice and yet always seems nice. It’s what Southern women are made of.  


By Drew Ford
Drew Ford was born in Arkansas, but has been lucky to call several southern states home. She’s currently working on Masters in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi. She loves vinyl records, long road trips, and acquiring useless trivia.



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