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Ten Traditions You Expect to Experience At a Southern Thanksgiving
Nov 17/17

Ten Traditions You Expect to Experience At a Southern Thanksgiving Posted by: Rod Ford | 0 Comments

It's that wonderful time of year when everyone is busying get ready for the big family Thanksgiving.  We assembled our staff and recalled all the memories of Thanksgiving Day in the south, whether it was at Grandma's or Mom's house.  Everyone agreed it was mostly about family, food, and the football games that always seemed to be on in the living room. Here's the Bourbon & Boots family recollections of the things you should expect to experience during a Southern Thanksgiving.  We hope you enjoy and let us know if we missed your favorites. 


1. Of course your mom or grandma's famous turkey dressing. (She's quite picky about her recipe, you know).

2. Lots of Young Cousins Running Around the House with Abundant Energy

3. The Required Annual Family Photo

4. Flipping Channels to see the Macy's Parade in the Morning and the Football Games In The Afternoon.

5. The Smell - Oh Those Smells - Basting Turkey; Pies, Pumpkin & Pecan

6. That Crazy Uncle Who Always Seems to Find the Recliner

7. Meal Time Prayer - Usually Where Dad Shines

8. The Men Cluster To Talk About Deer or Duck Hunting & The Ladies About Black Friday Shopping Sales

9. Helping With the Clean Up and Making Sure the Turkey Is Stored for the Next Few Days Sandwiches

10. The Car Ride Home Where You Replay the Strangest of Conversations You May Have Encountered


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