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Jan 27/17

The Pitcher Show: Sweet Tea Sangria Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Quick. It’s Friday afternoon and friends have shown up unannounced (it IS Summer, after all) and they are parched.

Good thing you made a nice batch of sweet tea sangria last night, in anticipation of the weekend fun ahead. Pretty in its tall pitcher in the fridge, it’s ice-cold and ready to share.

So pull out those cheese straws and roasted pecans your mama said you’d need for occasions such as these, and head to the front porch and set a spell.

Jesse Goldstein of the Loveless Café in Nashville shares one of their most sought-after recipes, Sweet Tea Sangria. He notes, “At the Loveless Barn, our team works to make every event unique and memorable. So often, this calls for a ‘signature drink’ at the bar. Nothing’s more Southern than sweet tea, and there are few beverages more versatile than sangria.

“Traditionally a wine punch from Spain and Portugal, sangria is always a party pleaser as it typically has a lower alcohol content than most summertime cocktails and it is inexpensive to make. A great sangria really only needs three basic components: wine (red, white, rosé or even sparking), fruit and a sweetener such as sugar or fruit juice concentrate.  Sparkling water, brandy and other liquors only adds further distinction. The best part of making sangria … you really can’t mess it up! It should be made at least 6 to 8 hours in advance to let the flavors fully combine and infuse. Once prepared, sangria can last for 3-5 days in refrigeration and seems to only get better.”

Sweet Tea Sangria
2 bottles of red wine (virtually any variety will do, but opt for something with more fruit, to balance the tannins of the tea)
2 quarts freshly brewed sweet tea (your personal favorite recipe will do)
1 can lemonade concentrate
1 quart fresh strawberries, trimmed and quartered
1 fresh orange, sliced
2 fresh lemons, sliced

Mix all of the ingredients together and refrigerate for a minimum of 6-8 hours. Serve over ice and enjoy!




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