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The South’s Strangest Drinking Laws
Jan 26/17

The South’s Strangest Drinking Laws Posted by: Rod Ford | 2 Comments


Did you know it’s illegal to chug a beer while standing up in Texas. Stick to sipping or sit down there, chugger. And over in Oklahoma, they’re nice enough to keep certain beers at room temperature. Presumably to keep you from overdoing it on all of those pre-chilled cans. (Dear beer drinker, I can’t trust you. Sincerely, Oklahoma.) Over in Alabama, they won’t tolerate “immodest or sensuous” images on their wine bottles. How does one apply for the Prude Patrol wine-bottle inspector position, Alabama? I’d be perfect for that job.

Outside of the South, Ohio has made it illegal to serve alcohol to fish … because that’s a problem. And Colorado has legislated drinking on horseback. This is to protect the horses, more than anything, y’all. They’re out there crashing into each other because of these irresponsible … riders. But texting while on horseback is fine. Oh, and Massachusetts has no happy hours. (Not even at Sonic!?!)

Has anyone ever been arrested for this stuff? We’re thinking no. But it’s still fun to read through these laws and wonder why they exist. 

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Richard Bowden on August 28 2016 at 02:07PM

Maybe that’s why in Texas it is illegal to ride your horse into a saloon.

Rae Fuller on August 27 2016 at 02:10AM

Texas isn’t the “South.” It’s Texas. Oklahoma isn’t the South either.


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